For your shopping convenience, Alder Brush offers shopping and consolidated delivery services to the Philippines across several of your favorite creative leisure brands and vendors based in the United States, and elsewhere in the world. This service saves you the hassle of placing orders from several brands or websites and having them shipped directly or through a forwarder, as well as the extra shipping and minimum order costs those processes entail. 

On Dispatch Schedules

Taking into consideration orders are shipped internationally before being forwarded to you locally, it would normally take 7-15 business days for your orders to be shipped out to you from our local storehouse. Please see our COVID-19 updates here.

The product page (and also the cart page) should clearly indicate the estimated dispatch schedule for the item. Local courier delivery schedule applies after your package leaves our storehouse (approx. 1-3 days). You may refer to the orders details in your account to track your orders or to contact the courier in charge of your package.

For Direct Bank Transaction orders, order processing will commence once your payment has cleared in our account. 

Orders are placed to different brands and merchants. Different orders would have different processing time. Sometimes you will receive your orders within a week, at other times, it may take more than that. Please plan your orders in a timely manner and allow for the full estimated processing time for your packages to be shipped out. All items from a single order will be shipped in one package by default. In some cases, you will be notified if multiple items ship in separate packages.

Our international packages are shipped via DHL or UPS. To ensure you get free door-to-door service, orders are routed and inspected in our Manila fulfilment point before they are delivered right to you. Local forwarding will be via trusted PH couriers. 

On Shipping Rates 

With Alder Brush, you are able to order items from abroad and ship them under subsidized international shipping, at over 95% savings in DHL or Fedex shipping costs.

Shipping starts at only PHP 65 ($1.10). This service is a totally incredible deal for anyone who normally ships through international couriers ($30 base) or even via the less expensive forwarding courier options (approx. $7 base), and all of these go up by the kilo! 

This means your international shipping is free. You only pay for local shipping charges:

Metro - PHP 65
Rizal, Laguna, Cavite - PHP 95
Nationwide - PHP 195

Occasionally, Alder Brush would offer Free Shipping promotions. Follow us on Facebook to hear about them or other offers first!  

On Payments

Payments, refunds and other transactions will be primarily processed via PayPal. You may use your debit or credit cards via PayPal checkout as well. You will not be asked to cover for any PayPal surcharge or other charges. Prices are VAT-integrated so nor will you be charged for additional VAT fees upon checkout.

PayPal transactions are the quickest way to get your order processing started, but there are also offline payment offers upon checkout, such as Direct Bank Transfers/Deposits, as well as via Virtual Wallets. Choose the "Bank Deposit" option for any of these. Please note that your order will only be processed as soon as your payment has cleared in our account.

There are no accompanying Import & Customs taxes either. Alder Brush will cover for all customs obligations for your orders upon entry in the country.

On Order Changes and Cancellation

You may make changes to or cancel your orders within 24 hours after placing your order. We aim to process your orders immediately so please contact us at once if you have changes to make with an order you just placed. Past that, an order is unable to be cancelled as it is being processed and specially placed. However, you may open a dispute or a request for refund if your order is not shipped out to you within 15 business days. To assist you better, the estimated dates are clearly defined on the product pages while you place an order. Orders not requested cancelled past the estimated dispatch date will remain active and will still ship by default.

On Item Availability

We try our best to keep our catalogs up to date and relevant based on the information provided by our buyers, suppliers and brands we work with. Catalogs are published when they are publicly in the market. Product availability is then subject to status upon actual time the order is placed and subsequently processed. Items from older collections, may also have some chance of not being available or being discontinued.

In this case, the payment for the item will be promptly refunded and, if more than half of the order is unavailable, a percentage of the shipping fee. 

Placing/paying for an order on Alder Brush guarantees your order will be placed to the brand. It does not guarantee availability of the item. 

Please note that an order that can only be partially fulfilled does not qualify as a valid reason for full order cancellation. Unavailable items will be refunded, and in some cases, along with a percentage of the shipping costs. Only the unavailable item may be cancelled and refunded past processing, so please be guided accordingly when planning your orders.

Other Notes 

All dates and number of days indicated pertain to business days. Alder Brush, and most of the brands and logistics companies we work with, do not operate on weekends and holidays.

Pricing and final check-out is in Philippine Pesos. For reference, their US retail price may be toggled on using the Currency Converter on the upper right corner of your screen. 

For returns of defective products or items damaged in transit, please refer to our local shop's guidelines on returns & exchanges.

Terms and rates are subject to changes. Any changes would be reviewed thoroughly and Alder Brush will endeavor to always provide sufficient notice of changes in pricing and shipping rates.